Monday, December 20, 2010

He likes to lick things

His name will be Little Bean.

At work again, Little Bean sits across from me on the floor with tears in his eyes.
I say," What happened Little Bean?.
Little Beans outing too go shopping with mom always end him up in some trouble. Last time
I saw him in trouble, he again was sitting on the floor near tears. having to repeat ten times. " God, please for give me for my sins." He did something he was not suppose to do.He is five years old.

"What did he do," I asked his mom.?

Little Bean, likes to lick things, he ran his tongue all along the frozen cases.


He likes the feeling of the frozeness against his tongue.

He even licked a chicken . Which, I am not sure if it was raw, cooked, or alive. He knows he not suppose to do that, his mom says. utter something about germs.

"Does he think he is an animal or pretending to be one", I asked

" No"

I said, maybe your son is tactile. Maybe he is a sensory learner. He has too lick everything to understand his world around him. He could be a sensroy tactile learner. Kinetics to feels things.

"I never thought of that, maybe?"

Also, little Bean is full of energy. He likes to run around the ramped. Most of the people are annoyed by him and how he acts. another day last week. Meanwhile, while mom was talking in the check lane, out about complaining about going to the Di Isis, head of the Catholic Church, in Lansing. Little Bean, was on his own adventure, trashing the men bathroom, with water and toilet paper.

If I was not so dam perceptive. Yes, he might not be acting how he should be or listening to his mother and doing destructive things or doing things that get him in trouble. People, might think she has an out of controlled child. Other the whispering, that women does not know how too con troll her kid?

The bigger message is something more is going on here. In what ever he is doing, I feel is an expression, of something more deeper. He is five, but maybe he doesn't know how to say what he feels or knows what is going on. The message is clear to me.

Knowing his mom somewhat. I think she oblivious to it all. Little Beans always getting in trouble, always doing something not right. In this childish actions... saying

  • Does anyone pay attention
  • listen to me, I am here..
  • There is anger or frustration

Who knows.

I read in my A.D.D Magazine, that often in the classroom or out, a child with A.D.D. gets the label bad behavior. They are not having bad behaviors.

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