Friday, February 11, 2011

Children in Da booz

The fascination in the booze. As a child, I didn't grow up with any alcohol in the house. I might of seen my mom drink maybe once a year at a pot luck. My dad told me all the time that drinking every day was not good.  When I came home with work issues, that  were so far out, dysfunctional and not making any logical sense, like I was in the middle of prime time soap opera." They were alcoholics and that drinking was not a way to solve your problems", he said.

The human interaction at work sometimes is so unreal to me. Get a  load of this S**T. Super bowl weekend and I just rang up the mother load of groceries. Finished, the women stated that she was waiting for her son to grab some groceries. When he arrived, it was another cart full of groceries. This was bad, with a full line of people, the next person waiting to go. The guy next waves me on  to ring up.

Look Mom!, Look what I got?  The first item was a bottle of wine he excitedly pulled out of the cart.
What was so special, let me see the bottle I ask?
 Nothing! I was an adult and the bottle looked so ugly by the label, that I myself, knowing nothin about wine as I am sure the kid didn't either. It looked like a boring person wine for old people, that can't see. The kid had not even reached puberty yet. I look over to the next guy in line. He was like," No comment."
Wanting to make conversation to figure out the story.
Is this all his food?
Yep, goes the mom.
He is really lucky, most parents scream when kids add an extra 25 bucks in the cart.
I told him it was Super Bowl and he could pick out anything he wanted.
How much was this what ever he wanted cart of food?
$90.00 dollars. I am exclaiming to myself
That a lot of drinks, I mentioned
We have a lot of people, the mom said. He had a cart full of juice and candy gummies.

The next one happened on Sunday Morning, with a two year old girl in the cart. She told," Mommy is so sad, she cant have her wine today"?

The grand winner of them all. Yeah, you think this is strange. It's real. I encounter strange stories and people everyday of my life.

 The mom is at the check out getting some beer. The child, her son is smacking himself on the face up teen times, while reciting every characters screen name and the actors full name in all the  Harry Potter movies while continuing to slap his face continuously. The conversation went something like this, not sure where it started, but it ended up like this. Her daughter had moved away and some sort of issue was going on.
She told me, the mom, that she didn't want her daughter to drink all the Kool aid crap. She would water down beer and give it  her daughter when she was little. All the other mom's would look at her like she was crazy.
This lady didn't understand why?  Next, she says, in a hostile angry tone blowing my way.

You wonder why I am an Alcoholic mom? The daughter tells this to her mom, and the mom is repeating the conversation to me.

Alcohol in pregnancy ‘makes kids develop taste for booze’

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