Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Magical Escaps. India blog 2

Magical Escapes 2004,11,11

Masti: "Roughly is to be Drunk on the here and now. It involves seeing the world clearly and whole and knowledgeable enough to fall in love with it. Perception is a prerequisite for achieving Masti." Seduced by the beauty of the world.

___________ Is a magical place of dreams... Where everything is possible and the best is just beginning. It is a timeless place where minutes are not numbered and the hours are sweet with happiness.

Explore. Discover. Dream India blog 1

Explore. Discover. Dream 2004, 11, 11

My first online journal entry. Exciting?
Soon I will be embarking on a Journey of a lifetime. It taken 2 1/2 years for this dream to awaken.

India is calling me. I have never been so passionate like this before.It is beyond my dreams. The People of India I find to be beautiful. Those I personal know. I never met such wonderful kind hearted people. I can't describe it. The food amazing. I feel at home. In its self it is beautiful. The music, turn it up. louder please? Enchanted. Yoga, like breathing,natural. Passionate..... Utterly delicious and beautiful.....

personal Legend 2004

Greeting friends!   Wecolme All!

This is my Travel Journal.
Here you will be find the lastest and greatest of my Travel Adventures through  Amsterdam and India.
*Pictures Too*

I want to Thank all my friends  /Family and... my Wonderful traveling Champion "The lonely Planet Guide to India" who gave me there support and help along the way  With my Indian Adventure. With you all, India is possible.

India! My love, life and passion.

Follow me, as she smiled to a land just beyond yours Dreams.

This Trip Is dedicated to my Grandma Lorraine, My Friend Olythia, S&S and the Moon Goddess.

P.S. IF you want to send me a personal mail please write my yahoo account.

Please realize that I might not be able to respond to everyone on an individual basis, that is why I set up an online journal.


The remerge of my India Blogs.

My India blogs got hacked into a long time ago. If you go to that site, you will see someone else words, but with my name on it. Here I am. I will re post them all and edited them.