Thursday, December 30, 2010

Babies the documentary

I recently saw the documentary babies. The only thing I was told about it was that seeing how all the babies were born, there was something very different about the American baby being born. Did you catch the slight settle thing?

As I approach all the customers at work about this film. Part of my job is to make conversation. I ask others with children, babies or kids, if they have seen this great film. Not all seem to be  thrilled and rather apprehensive. Watching babies for two hours! One women remarked. "Sounds boring."   Babies! Babies! I am sure that hearing the words babies, might not conjure pretty images. People you've  got it all wrong.
I saw something much different then just babies.  The beauty of the movie is. It showed babies in the natural form. When and what they are doing, when we are not always looking.  The most common thing I hear parents telling their young ones. Do this or not that or what babies can and can not do.  The movie let the babies be there own curious wonders of the world around them. It was astonishing.   That babies are unafraid with wonderful personality and highly intelligent little people.  This movie heighten my perception of babies and definitely brought to the for front that babies are highly perceptive beings.

In da bath
We as people are always too busy these days to see what is really going on. I know this from first hand interacting with people and kids all day long. Working in a food store has more to do with children, then most can imagine.  To be continue in another blog. Although babies are not talking, they are, but with thier eyes.  ( All images from google)

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