Sunday, July 19, 2009

Getting to Costa Rica

My first day of traveling was rather, adventures. My layover in FF Fl, began with a sandy grey hair man in a leather vest old enought to be my parent. I was sitting by the post waiting for my plane. I could feel his stare, burning through my skin. Meanwhile, darting my eyes over to the the food stand, a big women was wearing metalic pink spamdex pants, with sliver shoes that laced up the leg and a hot pink purse to match. I could not beleive, what a hitious sight to see.

Leather, Man let me know my plane was ready to bord.
Bording the plane, the flight attendant personal shared a kiss on the lips, and my heart skip as, this was a shock to me. When I got on the plane he was like, ¨we meet so soon again.¨

Stuck in a full plane, nothing was happening. No plane pèrsonalle infomred us as to what was going on. I sat, like everyone else, in a plane with all the power off. Waiting and waiting for over an hour. It was dam hot inside and the sweat rolling off of me.

Finally having enough of this waiting. I asked the flight attented people, why we were not going anywhere. There was an announcement, they said, that there was a chip in the wing and which was be fillied down. which, the truth was, nothing was ever anounnced.

After arrving in San Jose at the bus station, my Directo bus to Quepos was already full, meaning I would have to wait another hour for the collective. The collective makes stops along the way and take a few hours more then the Directo.

The ticket place for the bus refused to sell me a ticket, and a guy kept offering to take me to Quepos for $150 Aemrican.

Speaking not much Spanish, a velupsious women named Mary stood behind me waiting in line for the bus. I took out my change and she showed me how more I woull need for the bus. She helped me find a seat on the bus, which she sait with me and we have many long very conversation, with me not understand what ever they were about, we seemd to make do with hand lanauge and I shared My dired Mangos with her.

All this set me back about five hours and I arriived in the Mid evening to Quepos. Going out to get some food, but what more could happen. Powers goes out.... at the resturant..

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