Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Costa Rica

It is hot all the time and clothes never dry. Many things are very similar as to India, so I am not in shock. Money runs through your hands like water, and it is so dam expensive here. Trader Joe's looks cheaps and going shopping is worse then going to Whole Pay Check. It´s that expensive here. Nothing is affortable.

I went zip lining through the rain forest, seen a jelly fish, monkeys, several lizards and a strange animal that looks like a 30 lbs rabbit with short hair. A sloth. Plantains are very sweet here. The local drink servered with alcohol is very delicious.

The men.... The tour guys are full of puns, tons of them. Men are very forward here. The local people we were hanging out with, they saw us in the Car.. Chica, Pussy. The local women here, are not fun to date and are very borining in the bedroom... This is what I have been told. They drama ma ma's who like to fight.

Oppsite sex of friends kiss on the lips. Whoa. Even the airline people do it.

Everyone is very friendly here. Superhelpful, but spanish would be a skill to have.

There is a time limit.. Not much here for any creative writing... I wish the I was inspired to feel, see hear, touch, and smell costa Rica... Nothing comes to mind..... Seen it all before.....

The energy which I could feel right a way.. very peacful, calm... The first word that came to me was Simple...

The local income a year is 5,000 I was wonder how they live here as clothes and food are as much as America, if not much much more.....

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