Friday, December 17, 2010

What to write for a Blog

What has been going on. I admire my other two blogger friends, one talks about food and the other about recycled fashion. They seem to have plenty amount to say on their subjects.

I find it rather hard to have a themed blog. What would mine be? What subject could I talk about everyday in and day out. Maybe their themes are the on going themes in there life? What would mine be? People- the things they say and Do and don't. They surround me each day in my work life. The settle interactions, going, around us. What would happen, if all the nose stopped. No talking, no sounds. If we had to listen like our eyes, but only have the ability to perceive through vision. What might we not pick up on. That maybe we are not aware of. This is the only reoccurring theme that grasps at me.

I, on the other hand feel struggled in my efforts to write or make sense of anything these days. I compose great stories while putting groceries on the shelves, or a customer will say something and it will spark my thoughts to move. Then suddenly like the wind came through and brushed me, going burr from the cold air hitting my skin. All my great, thoughts, stories, ideas and conversations disappear, like lines on tracing paper.

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