Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your other life

The internet is suppose help us stay connected, communicated, be able to share ourselves with the world an in so letting us, the people of the universe mingle.. The computer simplified stuff and made getting information faster.

Face book and blogs made staying update and in the know about o my god, what going on, I gotta find out Now........... Super efficient and super cool, with adds on as wallpapers, fan pages, links, temples. But yet, none of this seems so simple or fast.

If you didn't already have a life, trying to create a cooler life on the internet. It got super complicated. Did face book and blog sites make it easier to add your personal flavor. No way

The amount of information you need to know, which none of these site make it easy to obtain, how you get the templates, add the fan or business pages. You mine a well spend a life searching the internet for "E how" and you tube videos. Once you gotten there, the instruction go on forever. There is a whole enycolpedia out there on just how make your blog cooler.

dun dun... Dont know what to say now.

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